Folding and unfolding

Inspiration comes from odd places sometimes. But most interesting is what those flashes of inspiration drive you to do.

Last night while watching PBS’ ‘Independent Lens’ they aired a documentary called Between the Folds. In it we learn of paper folding beyond what most people think of when they hear the word origami. My head exploded as I watched visual artists wrap their heads around topographies and algorithms that physicists spend decades solving.

If you’re banging your head against a wall trying to solve a problem of any sort I strongly recommend watching this short film.

What happened to me? While watching I came up with a new way to push myself to compose more regularly. Once week or more I’m going to pick up on a topic I’ve been reading about and not just bring it up here but write theme music for what I say. I hit the studio right after watching this short film and came up with some new music. It’s a bit out there; I just let myself go and it felt great. After sleeping on it it sounds like the introduction of the first movement of a multi-movement electorchestral piece. So far it’s going in a good direction.