It’s about damned time!

I decided tonight to use the recent music I made to begin my long-waiting collaboration with Dan Lis. Because of how Dan and are going to approach working together remotely I removed a couple of instruments from the piece to give him more space to work in.

Wait, you didn’t know about this thing with Dan?

A few months back I was prowling around Soundcloud & Twitter looking for new music, getting suggestions from friends and just clicking randomly to hear what I could find. When I listened to Dan’s music I was instantly pulled into it and started following him. After some time he followed me back and commented on some of my music. I mentioned to him I thought there were curious similarities in our music and asked him if he’d be interesting in collaborating with me.

We agreed to work together in late July of this year. For many reasons, some understandable, some lame, I didn’t get any music to him until now. The arrangement was that I’d write the first installment, send it to him mixed to stereo, he’d add (or suggest subtraction) and we’d go back and forth until that piece seemed to be finished. Then he’d work something up, send it to me and I’d reply in the same way.

So here we go, Dan. I’m really excited about working with you and where this could lead.